The process of returning your GMC lease vehicle to us at Wiesner Buick GMC in Conroe, TX is a relatively straightforward proposition. Since your lease contract is about to expire, you can schedule a time for your lease-end inspection and then pay for any charges that stem from excess damage or miles above the annual maximum. What happens next? You actually have several good choices, so let's focus on three of them.

Choice #1: Return your lease vehicle and start a new lease

This is probably the simplest option. When your lease is over, chances are you're excited about the style and features in a new GMC truck or SUV. By getting a new lease and a new GMC vehicle, you don't have to worry about the GMC model you've been leasing: We'll take care of it for you. You can then appreciate driving another new GMC vehicle and the upgrades that go with it. Many people in Houston and The Woodlands, TX like that choice.

Choice #2: Return your leased GMC model and walk away

Once your GMC lease contract ends and you take care of any lease-end costs, you are literally free from the lease and the leased GMC vehicle. At that point you can choose to look for another GMC truck or SUV at our dealership, or shop for another kind of new or used vehicle with us, like a new Buick or a used car. You're also free to work with any other resource to acquire your next vehicle.

Choice #2: Buy your current lease outright and start financing

In many lease contracts, you have the right to buy out your lease contract and buy that GMC lease vehicle yourself. After all, you've probably grown fond of it. The price you pay for that leased GMC SUV or truck will be what's called the residual value, which is explained in the contract and is based on the predicted final value of the vehicle. You can get financing through us to pay for that GMC vehicle and before long, you can own it.

There are even more choices as well for our leasing customers in Spring and Huntsville, TX, so before your GMC lease ends, talk to us about your many attractive options. We can assist you in deciding on the next transportation choice that fits you best at Wiesner Buick GMC in Conroe, TX .

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